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Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL)

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  Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL)
  Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL)continuous plate of zinc or aluminum zinc coating on the surface of cold-rolled steel plate,increase the corrosion resistance of steel plate,and made the surface is more beautiful.The main process of the process is the surface degreasing cleaning treatment annealing and reduction processing hot galvanizing and plate processing.The product line that our company designs for the different requirements of the customer is divided into the wide strip production line and the narrow strip production line.
  Characteristics of CGL:
  1.Adopt the advanced American-Steel-Union process technology;
  2.Annealing furnace is used for maximum energy saving;
  3.It is equipped with the mature ceramic induction pot and air knife system,which effectively control the coating thickness.
  4.The process section is equipped skin-pass mill,which can improve the surface quality effectively,eliminate the yield point elongation and improve processability.
  5.Adopt technology mature,easy maintenance tension leveler,improve the strip shape quality.
  6.The CGL is equipped multiple CPC automatic measuring steering unit,recoiler is equipped EPC system,ensure the stable operation of production line.
  7.Electric control system adopt Siemens AC frequency conversion speed control unit,which has high degree of automation.
  Production processing:
  Coil car→Uncoiler→Pinch roll→Entry shear→Welding machine→Tension bridle→Entry loop→CPC unit→Tension bridle→Degrease machine set→Hot air dryer→Tension bridle→Tension measuring machine→Continuous annealing oven→Oven snout→Zinc pot→Air knife→Cooling tower→Slewing rollers→Water cooling equipment→Hot air dryer→CPC unit→Tension bridle→Skin pass mill→Tension bridle→Tension leveler→Tension bridle→Anti-fingerprint or Chromating→Heating oven→Tension bridle→Exit loop→Tension bridle→Electrostatic oiling→Exit shear→Pinch roll→Recoiler→Coil stripping car.
  Technical parameter