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Cold Rolling Mill

With the feature of good surface quality,good surface finish,high precision,excellent product property,etc.Cold Rolled strip is widely used for Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL),Color coating line(CCL),Automobile industry,household appliance industry,aircraft industry,instrument industry and food packaging,etc.With the development of economic,the demand of cold rolled strip is growing.

Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL)


Color coating line

Color coating line(CCL)is to coat the strip surface with organic,make the surface more colorful and further enhance the corrosion resistance of strip,the main process is degreasing cleaning,painting and drying solidification,etc.

Picking line

Pickling line plays a key role before cold rolling,Its main function is to use mechanical and chemical function,remove the strip iron and dirt of the strip steel surface after hot rolling,get surface clean strip steel.We can provide Push-Pull Picking Line and Continuous Picking Line.

Degrease unit

In the process of high temperature annealing,surface grease affect plating and black surface and adhesion caused by high temperature annealing.Strip steel degreasing cleaning line is used to steel surface of electrolytic cleaning,remove the strip surface residual iron and other pollutants,make annealing steel plate surface carbon residue,to effectively control the residual amount of iron,and inhibits the annealing strip steel bonding defects,achieve tinplate,car plate,home appliance board cleanliness requirements.

Temper mill unit

Temper mill is suitable for flat strip sheet after the annealing cold rolled,its main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of strip steel strip surface hardness,strength and elasticity,make the strip steel has better deep drawing performance,good plate type and surface finish.

Tension leveler unit

Cold rolled strip is straightening with two curved one levelling or two curved two levelling,remove cold rolled strip wave form,adjust

Finishing machine

With the improvement of market requirements for strip quality,finishing machines are usually equipped on galvanizing lines.Their functions are to improve the surface finish of strip,reduce or eliminate yield platforms and improve the mechanical properties of strip.Our company can design and manufacture various specifications of optical equipment for different customer needs.

Recoiling line

Rewinding unit is an important part of modern strip production.It is used to cut large diameter coils with thickness of 0.15-3.0 mm into small diameter coils with volume of 5-15 tons after cutting head,tail,edge,stretch bending,straightening,inspection and oil coating.It has the functions of trimming,leveling,oiling,winding and weighing.

Uncoiler and Recoiler

The uncoiler and coiler are indispensable components of various strip production lines.They are used for strip uncoiling and coiling respectively,and form uncoiling tension and coiling tension on the production line.According to different plate thickness and customer demand,our company can design and manufacture clamp coiler and seamless coiler.

Chemical coater

Coating machine is indispensable equipment on galvanized,aluminum plating production line,used for galvanized sheet surface passivation solution and fingerprint resistant plating liquid.

Continuous hot galvanizing line(CGL)

The shape and size error of raw materials,the condition of roller surface,roller bearing wear and equipment installation error factors,all can cause the uneven tension of steel strip width direction,so that the production should be equipped of multiple sets of error
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