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Stone tubing anticorrosive insulation production line

Steel pipe anticorrosive insulation production line consists of polyurethane spray foaming line,polyolefin extrusion winding line,automatic control system,hydraulic system,compressed air system,water cooling system and so on.

Heat treatment line

There are four kinds of heat treatment processes for steel pipes:normalizing,quenching and tempering,normalizing and tempering or tempering.

Water quenching equipment

Water quenching equipment for hot steel quenching furnace can realize"spray+rotation+injection",the quenching process of rapid cooling,in order to meet all steel heat treatment scheme of heat treatment process requirements;is mainly composed of a feeding device,a rotating device,pressure roller device,a frame,a water blocking mechanism,feeder,empty water device,injection,external spray systems and other equipment.

Blowing dust removal device

The equipment is used to remove oxide skin and sundries on the inner wall of steel pipe.

Pressure straightening machine

Pressure straightening machine straightening machine is a vertical structure,economic and durable,compact and reasonable structure,is suitable forφ60~φ340mm steel pipe(pipe)straightening,than the horizontal pressure straightening operation more easily,the better the straightening effect.The straightening force of 50~200 tons.

Straightening machine

Mechanical part:straightener body:(frame assembly,upper roller adjustment system,lower roller adjustment system,roller assembly,Angle adjustment mechanism,straightener drive system,replaceable guide position,roll changing spreader,protective platform,hydraulic piping on board,etc.)

The cooling bed

Bed is mainly used for steel pipe heat after straightening in two-way chain type cooling bed rotates forward,to achieve uniform cooling purposes and requirements of steel pipe out of bed temperature≤80℃;the main process equipment including:positive,anti chain bed,inclined bench,table,tilting mechanism and other equipment.

Pipe processing line

Pipe processing line is mainly used for the pipe ends processing threads,and the screw thread is processed on the collar,to ensure the final products meet the requirements,in the processing line of steel pipe and pipe end testing,thread quality check,seal pressure test,internal and external protection ring,measuring and weighing,painting and drying,and other major processing;process equipment including:pipe end testing machine,pipe threading machine,collar screw machine,hydraulic diameter machine,measuring and weighing unit,a painting set,drying rack,pipe cutting
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