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Picking line

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  Picking line
  Pickling line plays a key role before cold rolling,Its main function is to use mechanical and chemical function,remove the strip iron and dirt of the strip steel surface after hot rolling,get surface clean strip steel.We can provide Push-Pull Picking Line and Continuous Picking Line.
  Push-Pull Picking Line
  Push-Pull Picking Line is an uncontinuous pickling unit,compared with the continuous pickling line,It has the advantages of small investment,unit equipment simple,high adaptability for the steel strip variation,easy operation,and easy to maintenance,etc.
  Technical parameter:
  Production processing:
  Coil car→Uncoiler→Telescopic guide table→9 roll leveler with pinch roll→Aligning of the edger→Shear with pinch roll→Width notcher with scrap box→Recoil slot→Hot air dryer→Aligning of the edger→Pinch roll→Exit loop hole→Aligning of the edger→Pinch roll→Rotary shears→Coiler for trimmings→Tension bridle→Strip oiler→Deflecting pinch roll→Telescopic guide table→Recoiler→Coil stripping car.
  Continuous Picking Line
  The process of continuous pickling line is characterized by rolling of steel coil,and the steel roll is welded to the end of the steel coil to pass through the acid trough continuously.The production line is equipped with entry loop and exit loop,which guarantee the continuous operation when welding and down coiler.
  Production processing:
  Coil car→Uncoiler→9 roll leveler with pinch roll→Umschere→Welding machine→Entry loop→Pickling trough→Rinse tank→Hot air drying→Exit loop→Tension bridle→Rotary shears→Coiler for trimmings→CPC unit→Tension bridle→Strip oiler→Deflecting pinch roll→Telescopic guide table→Recoiler→Coil stripping car.
  Technical parameter: